Frequntly Asked Questions


How does solar connect to my home electrical system?

The solar energy will enter through your electrical panel. Your home will use the solar energy when available.

Does the system connect to the electrical grid?

If you are already connected to the grid, yes it does.

What happens if the panels produce more than the homeowner uses?

That is a great scenario! The excess power is sent back to the utility company. Many utility companies will provide a credit or a payment for this energy! This way, you reap the benefits of all of the energy produced by your solar system.
This service is called “Net Metering”.

How do you choose a system size?

AG uses your electric bills to determine how much electricity your home needs to function comfortably throughout the year.


What is the MYcrogryd+?

Solareum Home & Renewables has recently trademarked MYcroGrydTM & MYcroGryd+TM .

For the first time ever, you can now upgrade your home to be fully green efficient with the first solar triple play: Solar Electricity, Solar Storage and Solar Heating*

What does that mean for my home?

It's game changing! You will no longer be relying on your utility in case of power outage or extreme weather. You are now your own utility per se. You truly own your power just like you own your home!

What should I go with the MYcrogryd+?

If you are reading this, you are definitely looking to become part of the solution and impact the environment by helping to paint Solareum Home & Renewables.
Here are a few more reasons for you to act today.
You will get to:

  • Be an agent of change within your community!
  • Inspire and raise awareness in your community by taking action!
  • Virtually eliminate your electric bill!
  •  No longer have to rely on the utility, you are the grid now! YOU own your power!
  •  Maintain power in your home, even when the electric grid goes down!
  •  Add the convenience of smart home technology that monitors every part of your own personal MYcrogryd+™ exclusively from Solareum Home & Renewables!
  • Heat up your home with MYcroGryd+™ exclusively through Solareum Home & Renewables!
  • Benefit from our services in ALL 50 states. Solareum Home & Renewables is the sole provider of solar services at such scale.

At Solareum Home & Renewables, we pride ourselves on providing fast and friendly service, the true American way. Get a free consultation today from one of our Green Team experts.

*MYcrogryd+ is the triple play option. MYcrogryd is the double play


What are the benefits of a storage/battery system?

The storage unit is part of our cutting-edge MYcrogryd+TM technology. The biggest advantage of a battery unit is that you are virtually now your own grid! Your utility will now take a backseat. If you are one of the millions of homeowners tied to a utility service not always reliable and/or subject to extreme weather changes such hurricanes or storm, this is a no brainer.


What does SHS Max stand for?
It simply stands for Solar Heating System.
Where else can I set up my home with Solar Heating?
Solareum Home & Renewables is the only resource for your solar heating needs. We are the only company offering this exclusive technology to help you make an even bigger positive impact on the environment.
What are some of the key benefits of SHS Max?

Solareum Home & Renewables is proud to provide you with an additional and exclusive opportunity for your home to be even more green efficient.

Some of the best features of SHS MAX:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces condensation in your home
  • Reduces temperature variation
  • Increases comfort within the home
  • Filters and de-stratifies air